Mambo Australian Fashion Brand, Joins Saban Brands’ Portfolio

According to 6th January 2015 Saban Brands press release, they have announced that Saban has added the iconic Australian clothing label and fashion brand, Mambo, to its growing portfolio. Over the past three decades, The Mambo is experiencing the fame of fashion phenomenon which focused on art, music and humor.  Due to Mambo’s sardonic and unique designs, it has become leading apparel and accessories brand in Australia. Mambo recently joins the Saban Brands Lifestyle Group (SBLG), which is about fast growing portfolio of fashion and lifestyle brands that includes Paul Frank and Macbeth also.

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Mambo has proven track record of retail success and currently celebrated its 30th anniversary. It is also Well-known to the world as a designer of Australian uniforms in 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. With gaining such fame, Mambo continues to freeze its place on the international fashion stage. Dan Castle, Managing Director of Strategic Business Development at Saban Brands said “We are thrilled to add Mambo to our portfolio of lifestyle brands; SBLG’s goal is to bring in exceptional fashion and lifestyle properties in key markets and expand their global footprint. As an Australian brand with a unique art-driven aesthetic, Mambo will play a significant role in our international growth strategy both in Australia and around the world.” While announcing the Saban’s office location in Sydney, Dan also said that “Saban Brands’ staff around the world is excited to work directly with the extremely talented and passionate Mambo team. We will maximize and integrate with them as we aggressively grow the brand around the world using Saban’s international footprint.”

At the same place the Angus Kingsmill, Managing Director of Mambo also follow up the talk of Dan and said that “This is a massive coup for Mambo and one the Australian team is incredibly excited about, Saban Brands is a major player in the international entertainment, art, music and brand marketing space. The partnering of Mambo with Saban Brands will provide a platform for talented Australian and international artists to showcase amazing wearable art to a global audience on a scale much greater than ever before.”…….

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