Nigeria: NCC to Engage Nass on Passage of EMF Bill

In 2015, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is working with the National Assembly to pass the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) bill into law. According to the Nigerian Communications Commission, the EMF Bill is based on WHO model of legislation and the ICNIRP standard, it has aim to reposition the telecommunication industry and also the bill will help to create a level playing ground that will confirm  better parameter and standards about Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) siting.

The commission was announced on Monday after hosting the Second West African Conference on Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Exposure and Health held on December 17-18, 2014, said stakeholders of telecommunications equipment industry. The forum decided that telecommunication equipment produces only non-iodizing radiation and without possible health effects. The NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) stressed at the present level of scientific knowledge for equipment.

Telecommunication Equipment

The forum theme was “EMF in a Highly Connected Society: Understanding the Myths and Realities” Indeed, it was open invitation to the  stakeholders in the ICT and Telecommunications sector including the regulator, operators, academia, medical professional and environmentalists as well as media practitioners. In the forum total 15 expert papers on EMFs generated by telecommunications equipment, their measurement and the perceived health hazards associated with EMFs has been discussed.

The NCC’s Director of Public Affairs, Dr. Tony Ojobo, informed that there has been enlarged teledensity and widespread deployment of telecommunications infrastructure in the West African region due to EMFs radiated from telecommunications equipment. There was also discussion on several studies that have been undertaken over the years on the possible health implications of EMF emission from telecommunication equipment but so far have not produced any decisive evidence of adverse health effects associated with such equipment.

Telecommunication Equipment

This is a good step that the NCC’s guidelines and standards for the installation of BTS sites adopted the ICNIRP standard for both public and occupational exposure limits of EMF. Participants at the forum also celebrated the collaboration among regulators, operators, the academia, WHO, ITU, GSMA, MMF, AU and ECOWAS among others, and also demand more effort in order to spread new ideas and knowledge…….


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