American Airlines Arena Is World’s First Sports & Entertainment Facility To Achieve LEED® Gold Recertification

It is announced on 21st January 2015 by Miami HEAT, that AmericanAirlines Arena is awarded LEED Gold recertification by the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED is the abbreviation of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. This certification is a set of rating systems for the design, structure, operation, and maintenance of green buildings, homes and neighborhoods. It is established by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), was initially intended to assist the building owners and workers to be environmentally accountable and practice the resources efficiently. This certificate is given to those buildings that are operating the world’s greenest, energy-efficient, and highest performing buildings.

Sports & Entertainment

In this year 2015, the AmericanAirlines Arena the world’s first Sports & Entertainment facility to achieve LEED® Gold Recertification is going to celebrate its 15th anniversary. It has renewed the motives of best practices and priority to the industry first. Before that the Arena secured the LEED Certification in 2009 after months of in-depth preparation. Since the past five years, the Arena’s facility is maintaining their commitment to environmentally sound values and follows steadfastly.  Arena achieved its goal by passing the initial LEED Silver goal and then achieved LEED Gold and became the first arena in the world to have the LEED Gold recertification.

Sports & Entertainment

Eric Woolworth, President of The HEAT Group’s Business Operations conceitedly said that “The HEAT Group Sports & Entertainment Facility is very proud to be a leader of the sustainability movement in both our industry and our beloved city, Achieving LEED Gold is the fantastic culmination of our ongoing efforts over the past five years to behave in an environmentally responsible way that has a positive effect on our community and our planet.” Another member Rick Fedrizzi USGBC CEO and Founding Chair also told the press that “This is an extraordinary act of leadership and stewardship by The HEAT Group; Buildings are like people in that both can perform at their peak when they pay attention to their performance every day. It’s that attention to thousands of little details that helped this facility not only match but actually outperform its first certification. That’s a tremendous achievement and we congratulate them.”

Sports & Entertainment

The Arena has used the LEED principles and value to achieve the gold certification again. They have followed the road map of LEED like sustainable maintenance measures, energy efficiency and conservation practices. They have maintained the Arena’s exterior without the use of chemicals.   The mass of AmericanAirlines Arena building is centrally located so it is providing easy access to mass transit systems like MetroBus, Rail, Miami Trolley and MetroMover etc. During the Miami’s HEAT season, 6,694 alternative transportation trips are available through carpooling and mass transit. The Arena is equipped with resourceful plumbing fixtures which is able to reduce 16.7% water consumption. It has been reported that during the 2013-14 Miami HEAT season, almost 330,810 pounds of waste was diverted from the landfill. Like these qualities, the green cleaning, sustainable purchasing, less energy consumptions, high solar eeflective roof, underground poarking are some of the major contributing aspects which make it the world’s first Sports & Entertainment facility to achieve LEED® Gold Recertification…….


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