Stickers as a Marketing tool

Stickers are one of the most adaptable and multipurpose marketing tools right now. The stickers can be used in so many diverse ways and in so many different spaces. The stickers are great tool to draw attention either in the field of science, politics or religion. Stickers are made to get noticed and to send a clear message to target audience.


Sticker is sort of a piece of paper or plastic, which has usually one side sticky and other side with a design. It can be used for many different purposes but mostly people prefer it for decoration,it depends on the situation. Stickers have different shapes, sizes and colors. Kids love to put them on things especially their lunchboxes, rooms door, lockers, notebooks and so on. We must say that for kids stickers are name tags. It is also used to identify any object with word or image.They widely use for the political campaigns, promotions and advertising.


No Time to Text? Say It With Stickers

Sticker Art

Sticker art is a formula of street art in which an image/note is publicly showed using stickers. These stickers usually use to promote a political memo, policy or problem. It can be placed anywhere handy. Their artists charge very low cost to design and print these street stickers because they can produce thousands of stickers at home with a simple computer printer. The new addition of vinyl stickers(waterproof stickers) has make artistic sturdy in their work. Now they are more efficient and productive.

Sticker art

“The emojis and stickers are popular here in the U.S., although they originated in Japan,” said Jeanie Han, Line CEO Euro-Americas.

Brand stickers

Brand stickers are one of the kind of stickers that use to labelled a company or a product. Many companies efficiently use stickers to push and promote their brand image like logo stickers and product packaging is one of the brand sticker usage.If a company go for stickers printing and throw free stickers at any event, it create excitement and people starts talking about the company which is ultimately branding.


Bumper sticker

Bumper stickers are produced to get feedback from common people. They are specially designed for commercial vehicles so that employers and the driver can get response about the driving. A bumper sticker is medium of conveying a clear message which is intended to be attached to the bumper of an automobile. It should be read by the occupants of other vehicles clearly. Most of them are about 30 cm by 8 cm and are made of PVC. The Bumper stickers can be religious, worldly, funny, or in support of a sports team or other organization.


“There’s a frenzy of experimentation going on with the future of messaging, with new ways of communicating on mobile that go beyond typing something and hitting ‘send,’ ” said Benedict Evans


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